Yamashita’s Gyokuro “5 High-Quality Gyokuro Set” 5x8g


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Kyotanabe, the location of our company, is famous for its superior Gyokuro cultivation, and rightfully called the capital of Gyokuro tea. Our renowned Yashiki Gyokuro was served to the Emperor and his wife during their stay in London, England (2007). Please try this exquisite assortment of five varying Gyokuro teas, each of exceptionally high quality, produced by our company’s tea expert.

Net weight:
-Gyokuro Yashiki no Cha 8g
-Takumi 8g
-Nomigoro 8g
-Shuppin-Gyokuro 8g
-Yamashita-Jirushi 8g”(1.41 oz)

Storage life: 10 months


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