Kyotanabe Gyokuro – 5g x 8 Bags (Can and Box)


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Kyotanabe Gyokuro won the gold prize in the 2022 Gyokuro category at the Japanese tea contest “JAPANESE TEA SELECTION PARIS” held annually in Paris, France.

Kyotanabe Gyokuro is produced in Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture, which has won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award 16 times in the past at the National Tea Competition, which determines the best quality of tea in Japan.

We use the finest Gyokuro blended by our company tea master Masayasu Tamiya.

The tea leaves, which are carefully hand-picked leaf by leaf, are said to be a work of tea art, and the taste is characterized by a rich Umami and sweetness that makes it hard to believe that it is tea. It is highly acclaimed that it tastes more like soup than it says.

At Maiko Tea, we will deliver to our customers with all our sincerity, with a focus on high-quality teas. We will also prepare the wrapping, and carrier bag that are necessary for delivery free of charge. Leave it to maiko tea to send gifts to your loved ones.


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